Bodyweight Ninja

A series of bodyweight workouts for health, fitness and perfomance!


Bodyweight Ninja

Bodyweight Ninja consists of 10 separate workout programs for general health, fitness and performance, as well as sports and activity specific programs.

    ▪ Ninja Dynamic Warm Up
    ▪ Bodyweight Ninja Workout
    ▪ Ninja Flexibility
    ▪ Ninja Balance
    ▪ Ninja Strength
    ▪ Burpees Conditioning
    ▪ Runners Programs


5 Animal Mobility

5 Animal Mobility consists of 5 separate workout programs. Each “Animal” represents one or a combination of the fundamental movement patterns- the squat, twist, bend, push, pull and lunge.

Each program consists of a dynamic warm up followed by a series of specific mobility and resistance exercises to increase your range of active movement.

The 5 Animals- Tiger, Dragon, Bear, Crane, Monkey- are inspired from Traditional Chinese Medicine and the “five elements” concepts.
Tiger represents the squat movement pattern, Dragon represents the twist/rotation, Bear represents the bend, Crane represents the push and lunge patterns, and Monkey represents the pull and lunge patterns.


5 Animal Mobility

Find your Power Animal!
The 5 Animal Mobility programs can be used as self-assessment tools. You will be able to identify your “Power Animal”- this is the movement pattern that you can perform well. Certain movement patterns have sports and activity -specific applications, so you can build on your movement patterns as required.

Find your Critical Animal!
The movement pattern that carries the highest risk of injury is your “Critical Animal” and is the pattern that you need to focus on and develop the most. You can use the 5 Animal Mobility programs for self-assessment to help you determine your weaker movement patterns which you should look to improve.



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High quality photo and video footage

Exercises are performed by qualified health and fitness professionals who demonstrate correct form and technique.

Easy-to-follow instructions

Each movement is explained clearly and concisely so that you can perform it safely and effectively.

Clean and intuitive user interface

The app is designed to be easy-to-use and navigate.

Smooth connections to social media

Login with your Facebook account and share achievements instantly with your friends.

Optimal health, fitness & performance

Routines have been created by Ross Eathorne, experienced health and fitness trainer for optimal effectiveness.

Offline Mode workouts

Full video streaming available when connected to the internet. You can still follow the workouts even in Offline Mode with our high quality photos and text descriptions.


Ross Eathorne is an international corporate and fitness presenter, personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach.

Ross has conducted more than 20,000 personal training sessions and specialises in injury correction and stress management.

Ross gets great joy from helping people improve their health, fitness and performance. This could be from correcting muscle imbalances and reducing pain, giving nutritional and lifestyle advice for weight loss or disease, or creating a specific programme to peak for a sports event. Ross continues to explore new sports and training systems to expand his knowledge, gain new experiences and integrate in his coaching for clients.

Ross is is a C.H.E.K. Level IV Practitioner and Level III Holistic Lifestyle Coach, both of which have significant influence on his work with clients. Ross is involved with TRX and Life Fitness as a Master Instructor/Trainer in Asia Pacific and regularly conducts seminars and workshops on their behalf in the region.

Ross has tertiary qualifications in sports science and coaching, and comes from a strong sporting background in gymnastics having competed in World Sports Aerobics Championships for New Zealand, and winning two World Mr. Fitness titles.

  • CHEK Practitioner Level IV
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level III
  • CHEK Golf Bio-Mechanic
  • Westside Barbell Personal Trainer and Athletic Coach
  • Master Instructor for TRX, STC, GSTC, SMSTC, RTC
  • Master Trainer for Life Fitness Academy
  • Master Trainer for TP Therapy and ViPR
  • CrossFit Level 1 Coach
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation “A”
  • Exhuberant Animal Graduate
  • World Mr Fitness 2000
  • Represented New Zealand in 10 World Sport Aerobic Championships
  • Rugby player and coach, triathlete, Dragon Boat paddler and trainer, Outrigger and ultramarathoner
  • 2 CrossFit Opens
  • `

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